sixth day

Today we had a wonderfull class with Claudio. Then we went to the center from Santiago and in there we went to a lab with profesional scientists actually working on it, there was also profesional lab equipment and there were minus 80 Celsius degrees, it was awesome.



Fourth Day

Today first we played seven up at first, then we did a game that they show you a response and you have to give the question, it was very fun but we didn´t win. After that we learned a lot about DNA. We also we taste some sustance name pts that some persons fill it very bitter and some don´t taste nothing, I didn,t taste nothing and they explained that for that reasons many persons don´t like brussels, because it has that component.Coles de Bruselas 3

Second day

In my second day, first we did a telephone game, at first we didn´t knew why we did it but then Jeremy said us that the DNA worked similar. After that we did a game of running in groups and Jeremy taugth us that the smaller pieces of DNA move faster and the bigger ones sower and that Jeremy relacionate it with us running in groups and alone.

niños corriendo

First Day

This my first day in biotechnology because I didn´t liked math and and change to this. I had a really good time, in the evening we did a game of creating a secret code that it should have the less symbols posible,. At first we didn´t knew for what was that but then Jeremy said us how DNA Works comparing it with codes.

After the brake we went to the lab and we saw the DNA of a kiwi,first we took it by to pounding the kiwi, then we put a liquid of salt wáter and quix. After we took only the juices from the kiwi in a cup. finally we put alcohol on the sustance and if you take some of that with a stick you could see the DNA.

 adnFinally here we are writing our blogs. I had a really good time.